The roll trolley is used to handle rolls in leather goods factory, mainly in the modelling and cutting departments.

The materials handled are full rolled leather or fabrics or synthetics such as leatherboard and microfibre.

The multiple roll trolley has a similar structure to the roll trolley for automatic cutting machine but with larger dimensions.

This type of roll trolley was specially designed to be positioned next to the automatic cutting machine, which, with its 3 metre width, can handle up to 2 rolls on the same tube.  
The upper tube is perfect for inserting rolls of cartene, plastic film, to protect the materials used by creating the vacuum.


Where did the idea for the multiple roll trolley come from?

The request for the multiple roll trolley came from a renowned Italian manufacturer of trekking and climbing shoes. Their goal was to place a roll trolley next to the 3-metre automatic cutting machine that would handle multiple rolls.

The customer asked us for the possibility of handling either a single roll to be placed in the middle or two rolls side by side on one tube, and also an higher tube to insert the cartene and allow vacuuming.

The structure of the roll trolley was revised by the technical department to meet our customer’s needs.


What are the advantages of the multiple roll trolley?

The advantages of the multiple roll trolley are:

  • Position next to the 3m automatic cutting machine
  • Management of one or more rolls on each tube
  • Upper tube for inserting large materials such as cartene

Materials and dimensions

The multiple roll trolley is made of galvanised steel and the dimensions are 306 x 60 x H110 cm.

The trolley has 3 tubes for handling one or more roll materials in line:

  • 2 at the bottom for storing rolls of material to be used on the cutting machine
  • 1 top for storing rolls of protective materials such as cartene.

The narrow structure and anti-wire wheels with brakes make it ideal to be placed next to an automatic cutting machine that handles several roll materials at the same time such as textiles and synthetics.

Like the standard model, the multi-roll trolley can be supplied in assembly kit to optimise shipping costs and be shipped worldwide.


Who is the multiple roll trolley for?

The multiple roll trolley is for all companies that use large 3 metre automatic cutting machines and also handle more than one roll during processing.

Thanks to its dtructure, the trolley can be placed next to the automatic cutting machine and locked so that materials can be easily unrolled and cut.

Some uses of the trolley are for example in the shoe industry, furniture such as for making sofas, or automotive such as for car interiors.

We have also developed a similar model for the standard automatic machine to handle rolls individually. Discover the roll trolley for automatic cutting machine.

Do you also have these needs? Choose the multiple roll trolley.