RAL painted leather horse cart

- 17 January 2024

The leather horse cart can be customised with the colour of your choice, e.g. it can be painted in your company’s RAL colour, so that... Read more


Inclined work table for modelling

- 19 December 2023

The work table is essential in leather goods and is used in many stages of the production process of leather companies, particularly in the modelling,... Read more


Multiple roll trolley

- 10 December 2023

The roll trolley is used to handle rolls in leather goods factory, mainly in the modelling and cutting departments. The materials handled are full rolled... Read more


Work table with wheels

- 23 March 2023

The work table is essential at every stage of high-quality leather goods manufacturer, to create leather goods such as bags, wallets or belts. The table... Read more


Upholstery leather horse cart

- 03 January 2023

The leather trolley is the ideal solution for handling hides in all companies in the leather industry. It is used for the transport and storage... Read more