Work Trolleys: Versatility in leaps and bounds

The range of ABC trolleys is wide and versatile. 
The trolleys are used by the operator at every stage of the leather production process: from the handling of the raw material to the handling of the semi-finished product and the storage of the finished product. They are also used to handle products during processing, such as moving materials from one department to another.

The use of trolleys in leather goods is important to transport materials and products safely and efficiently within the workshop reducing the risk of even unintentional damage to products, improving productivity and ensuring a safer working environment.

There are different types of manual trolleys to be implemented in leather goods: roll trolley, with shelves, belt horse cart and bag trolley. The choice depends on the type of finished product being made, the components being handled and the production process.

All our trolleys are made of galvanised steel, strong and durable, and are equipped with certified anti-wire wheels that facilitate their movement in the factory.

All trolleys are supplied in cardboard boxes, quick and easy to assemble, to optimise logistics around the world.

Roll trolley

The roll trolley is ideal for handling and managing rolls of textiles and other materials such as reinforcement, leatherboard and linings in the cutting department. To be positioned near the cutting machine.

Belt horse trolley

The belt horse trolley is designed to handle not only belts but also leather strips used in leather goods. Structure suitable for every belt model, even the longest.

Shelves trolley

The shelves trolleys are available in a wide range depending on use: leather goods, footwear and belt factory.
Open or closed. Two, three, four and even five shelves.

Bag trolley

The bag trolley is perfect for handling bags of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, thanks to its modular design and type of processing.

We are manufacturers and if you have specific requirements, we can customise the trolley by developing your design together. See examples of custom-made work trolleys already made.