Horse Carts

The care of the belt production control is essential in the belt factories. From handling during each phase of the production process up to quality control, packaging and labeling.

The belt horse cart was born for the management of belts but not only. It is also useful for other leather accessories such as shoulder straps for handbags in bag factory and suspenders straps in leather or fabric.

The advantages are:

  • Keep production in order
  • Versatility of use, handling belts by type but also separating the different processes, and if necessary every single strip of leather, eg. straight and lining
  • Handle and store the finished product before shipping

Where did the idea of the trolley so specific for belts come from?

From the idea to the prototype, up to the finished product on the market.
The belt horse cart was born a few years ago from a need of one of our belt factory customers. At the fair he brought us the idea: a drawing of the solution he had in mind to manage his belts in an orderly manner in the factory.

Our technical department has analyzed and shared the feasibility, briefly defined the structure and the method of production by developing the executive design. In a short time we have materialized the project by creating the first prototype of the trolley.
The model passes the test in the factory and with some suggestions it is definitively approved by the customer.

Today the belt trolley is completely part of the “trolleys” range and it is one of the best-selling items all over the world for handling finished products in belt factories.

from idea to prototype
belt production - Ubrique - Spain

Materials and dimensions

All our trolleys are made of galvanized steel, equipped with handles and high quality castors for comfortable movement. The narrow structure allows for easy maneuverability through the aisles in the department.

The belt trolley is sturdy and durable. It is of 90 cm heigh, suitable for also longer straps to handle. It is 60 cm long and 65 cm deep (see technical data sheets).

It has a document pocket useful to inser the bill of materials.
The capacity of the trolley is 200 kg.
It is supplied in an assembly kit to facilitate logistics all over the world.

The castor selected for you

For each cart we have taken care of the choice of the castor:

  • parafili
  • double action brake
  • swivel on double row of balls
  • high quality plastic material
  • non-marking thermoplastic rubber tread
leather factory - Mours St. Eusebe - France

Accessories for the belt horse

In the belt horse cart some accessories can be installed as needed. For example :

  • a pair of dividers on the upper part of the trolley, to separate the different types of processing.
  • an additional lateral document pocket for keeping useful documents in production area.

Discover all the dedicated accessories.

Product Data Sheet

CodeL x W x H
PC_K_01cm 65 x 60 x 90