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Manufacturer of equipment for your work laboratory such as dies storage systems, leather horse carts, work tables.

Smart solutions for leather goods, belt, shoe manufacturer and other leather industry.


It is always an unfulfilled need that generates our product. We always start from here. We take care of every single phase: the product is always studied by us with you, developed and manufactured using selected high quality materials and components.

In-house since 1994

The development of solutions and the internal production chain guarantee continuity in quality of production, dedicating a parallel area for a customized production, reserved for users who need tailor-made solutions.

Trustworthy people

Able to follow and support every request. We believe in people and the value of their experiences. In every part of the world, in companies of all sizes. We like to be useful in every company that has the need to want to work safe and well.


Specialist company in die-cut management and in leather handling. We like to be useful creating order and rationality in every laboratory. Discover all benefits with our equipment dedicated mainly to the leather and shoe industry.


The strength of our production is the manufacturing of automatic warehouses designed only to measure in two main models:

  • Perseo 4.0 with single drawer, customizable according to the type of product or bill of materials
  • Perseo Light with sole drawer, containing one product or divisible in more items

In our warehouses some handling systems can be installed to improve the operator’s efforts and optimize the whole picking process.

Leather Horse

Our most popular product when you need to handle your full-hides in laboratory in a practical and comfortable way. The narrow structure allows for easy maneuverability through the aisles in the department. Ideal for any type of leather cutting: by hand, with die-cut or with CAD-CAM modeling technology and automated cutting center. Leather racks trolley born complete in galvanized sheet metal, maneuverability guaranteed by Tente castors.

Dies Storage

The professional solution if you use dies in the laboratory: choose your model to rationalize the management of your dies and create new timing and spaces in the department. We recommend the horizontal dies unit, to be placed at the clicking machine, for optimizing cutting-time and, the vertical dies unit to storage, for getting new spaces. You will always have each die preserved in its place, both in production and in the storage room.


Be inspired by the wide range of our multipurpose trolleys. They are made for the handling of materials and semi-finished products up to the finished product in the laboratory. Each trolley is specifically designed while maintaining versatility of use in multiple sectors.

Factory Fitting

A bit of design and style in the laboratory with our pieces of furniture. The classic work table equipped with LED lamp and height-adjustable shelf, is always suitable in every processing phase of product in the department: from modeling to quality / packaging control area. In addiction, a small drawer unit dedicated to your sewing department.


We have always worked for the love of it to create products that facilitate and make work in the leather processing industry safe.
Here you can easily find our recommended products for you and the most popular in your industry.


Do you have any specific requirement? We are manufacturers and on request it is possible to customize the dimension of each product or create a new solution together. Write or contact us. Our staff is also at your disposal for a technical visit.


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New product: Roll Storage Trolley

New product: Roll Storage Trolley

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Our new website is now live

Our new website is now live

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