Leather horse: Practicality and Comfort

The ABC leather horse carts are ergonomic and ideal for handling hides of any size in every factory working with leather, such as leather goods, belts, footwear, and saddle factories.

The leather warehouse’s operator collects the hides and, after quality control, delivers them to the cutter in the cutting department. The trolley (also known as “leather horse”) are suitable for any type of procedure: cut by hand, die-cut or CAD and CAM nesting software for cutting machines.
The leather trolleys are equipment designed for the factory and perform excellently when placed near the automatic cutting machines and systems, or close to the clicking press.

Our carts are made of galvanized steel, and they are distinguishable by their ergonomic design, intended for an efficient and safe use: smooth hump for leaving no marks on the leather, intermediate shelf with lateral access, bridge handles and anti-thread wheels.
Each trolley is also equipped with the antistatic system, i.e. the application of a conductive wheel for grounding, that prevents disturbing electrostatic shocks to the operator.

The leather horse cart is equipped with lateral handles, a document pocket and anti-thread wheels. We supply it with an easy-to-follow assembly kit to facilitate worldwide shipping.

Classic models

Large leather horse cart

Large leather horse cart h 157 cm ideal for handling full hides of great size, used in leather goods and manufacturing workshops of belts, small leather goods and saddles.

Standard leather horse cart

Standard leather horse cart h 127 cm ideal for handling half hides and leather remnants, preferred by footwear manufacturers of alta moda, sports and technical shoes.

Wide hump models

Large leather horse cart with wide hump

The large leather horse cart h 154 cm with wide hump is ideal for handling and managing large full hides without marking.

Standard leather horse cart with wide hump

The standard leather horse cart with wide hump is ideal for handling full-hides or cuttings without marking them, reducing operator effort.


Ergonomic Structure

Equipped with a bridge handle on each side


Smooth piece that safeguards the leather


With open lateral access


Made of rubber, anti-thread, with brake (ISO 11228)


It discharges the electrostatic charge


What sets us apart?
The double shelf, the smooth non-marking hump and the anti-static system

The double shelf, the non-marking smooth hump and the anti-static system are the distinctive features of the leather horse cart.

The doble shelf, with lateral access, is useful for transporting rolls of leather, components and anything that might be useful for manufacture.
The upper shelf is at waist height. Thanks to this particularity, the worker can hold the correct posture and prevent occupational diseases.

The smooth hump, standard or wide, of the cart leaves no marks on the leather. Made from a single sheet of metal, the regular surface of the arch does not scrape the hides that it carries. The lack of sharp edges also helps to prevent cuts.

The Antistatic System is installed in the lower part of the trolley. It allows the electrostatic charge to be immediately discharged to the ground due to the presence of ferrous elements inside the wheel. This application avoids annoying shocks when the operator handling hides placed on the leather horse cart. 

The best wheels for you

We specifically selected the wheels for every leather horse cart.

  • anti-thread
  • rolling brake
  • double ball bearing swivel head
  • high grade synthetic material
  • non-marking thermoplastic rubber tread
  • Antistatic System 

Materials of leather trolley

All our carts are made of galvanized steel and equipped with ergonomic handles and anti-thread wheels, for a more comfortable movement. The total capacity of the leather horse cart is 200 kg.

The narrow structure of the horse cart allows for easy manoeuvring through the halls in the department.

Special accessories for leather horse cart

The leather horse cart has some additional elements for extra comfort and enrich the structure of the trolley according to your needs.

Accessories useful on request:

  • Extension SET in galvanized steel, installed at the two extremities of the hump, for handling the largest hides. The extension set increases the available surface of the trolley by 15 cm per side, for an overall additional length of the cart of 30 cm.
  • Document pocket on the side, additional, for bill of materials (BOM) and documents of the operator.
  • Bridge handles on each side, additional, for comfortable two-handed push.

What can I do if I need a custom leather horse cart?

Do you need a custom-made leather horse cart for your factory? No problem. Contact our staff and send us your required dimensions. Year after year, we have designed custom-made leather horse carts according to each client’s needs.

A few examples of what we already put in production:

  • For a saddlery, we redesigned a maxi leather horse cart (length 200 cm) to carry and handle whole hides with ease. The client also chose the additional extension SET in galvanized steel to increase the surface area up to 230 cm.
  • For a leather goods factory, we realised a large leather horse cart with 3 shelves and special certified wheel set (load 300 kg). The client needed to move and handle safely a high number of leather hides from the warehouse to the cutting department.
  • For a belt manufacturing workshop, we developed a small leather horse cart with a height of only 100 cm. The client had the necessity to handle small hides or leather remnants.

We are manufacturers, and on request we can customise dimensions and finishings of the leather horse cart, even by incorporating the client’s logo on the trolley.

Check our custom-made leather horse carts and discover all the personalised leather trolley  we already developed.