Leather Horse Cart
with Wide Hump

The standard leather horse cart with wide hump is chosen by shoe and leather goods manufacturers to handle leather from one department to another.

The wide hump is ideal for all leather types, even the most delicate, as it has a larger surface area.

The trolley is ideal in the modelling department for prototypes and samples and in the cutting department for series production.

The low height of only 130 cm allows comfortable maneuverability reducing the effort for each operator.

The standard leather horse cart with wide hump h 130 cm is used:

  • In footwear, to produce every type of shoe from classic to safety to trekking shoes
  • In small leather goods, to produce watch straps, wallets, covers
  • In leather goods, to produce small bags

It is supplied with:

  • Antistatic system
  • Bridge handle on both sides
  • Wide smooth hump
  • Double shelf

Product Data

Standard leather trolley h 130 cm with wide hump

CodeL x W x H
PP_M_K_03cm 144 x 48 x 130

Max. load trolley: 200 kg