Leather Horse Carts

The standard leather trolley is usually chosen in footwear industry for the leather handling phase, one of the essential activities in manufacturing. The leather warehouse’s operator carefully collects the leather and entrusts it to the cutter for the cutting and preparation phase and then, to the shoe pattern maker to create the shoe upper according to the guidelines of the bill of materials (BOM).

The standard leather horse cart h 130 is widely used into the shoe factories:

  • For fashion system, as classic shoes, made of leather or hide and, luxury slippers;
  • For the technical sector, as safety shoes and orthopedic footwear;
  • For the sports sector, as boots or trekking shoes.

All leather trolleys are made of steel and they are designed for the management and transport of leather in the manufacturing facility. These carts are ideal for any cutting phase: by hand, by die-cut or by CAD nesting software for cutting machines. Our “horses” support the design and sampling department and they perform well next to the hydraulic press machine or CAD cutting center for mass production.

The supplied handles facilitate a correct posture when moving the trolley, guaranteed by excellent parafili castors.



  • Ergonomic product
  • High quality steel “hump”, a smooth and non-leather-marking piece
  • The intermediate shelf at an easy-to reach height
  • Parafili castor suitable for the load (ISO 11228)

The smooth “hump” and the shelf at waist of the trolley make a difference

The distinctive features of the trolley are the intermediate shelf and the smooth hump.

The intermediate shelf is at waist level. It can be used to place and transport rolled leather, components or anything else useful for processing. This way the operator can keep a correct posture with the body, including the back.

The smooth “hump” of the trolley makes sure that the leather placed on it get no marking. Unlike any other available on the market, the curved surface of our leather horse carts is characterized by a galvanized sheet, a smooth and pressed to the sides piece, which, in contact with the leather is much more valid and non-marking.

Our leather horse cart is supplied including the equipment of a side document pocket, useful to join the bill of materials or document of the operator.

leather goods factory - Scandicci (FI) - Italy
shoe production - Santiago - Rep. Dominicana

Materials and dimensions

All our trolleys are made of galvanized steel, equipped with handles and high-quality castors for comfortable handling. The narrow structure of the trolley allows for easy maneuvering through aisles in the department. Consult the product data and discover technical details.

The standard model of the leather horse trolley is 130 cm high, 39 cm deep and 100 cm large. This trolley is ideal for example for half-hides handling used in shoe factories.

The total load-capacity of the trolley is 200 kg.
The product is supplied in a practical packaging, trolley in an assembly kit to facilitate logistics all over the world.

The best castor for your industry

For each cart we have taken care of the choice of the castor:

  • parafili
  • double action brake
  • swivel on double row of balls
  • high quality plastic material
  • non-marking thermoplastic rubber tread

A collection of dedicated accessories for you

We have designed special accessories to meet all your needs. Each piece can be supplied on request. Choose what add into the leather horse trolley:

  • a steel extension support to insert in the upper part of the trolley for an easily manage and transport even larger hides. The curved parts, applied to the ends of the trolley with 15 cm on each side, allows immediate area with a total useful surface of 130 cm.
  • an additional side document pocket for storing useful documents of production process.
  • an additional side handle for moving the trolley with two hands.

Check all accessories for you.

What can I do if I need a no-standard leather horse cart?

No problem, kindly contact our team and send us your trolley sizes. Year by year we develop custom-trolleys according to the needs of the customers. Consult the custom-made category to discover what we do.

An example of customization: a small leather horse cart to manage few half-hides. We have developed this model of 100 cm high off the ground.

We are manufacturer company and on request it is possible to customize the product, from the measure up to customer-logo, color of the trolley.


Product Data

Standard leather horse cart h 130 cm

CodeL x W x H
PP_N_K_02cm 100 x 39 x 130

Max. load trolley: 200 kg

Standard leather horse cart h 130 cm with 2 shelves

CodeL x W x H
PP_N_2P_K_02 cm 100 x 39 x 130

Max. load trolley: 200 kg


With the aim of continuous improvement, CBC SRL reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, the technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics of the products.