Work Table

The work table is specially designed for the various steps of product processing in the factory.  It
can be used in all kinds of activities in leather goods, belt and shoe factories such as the preparation and cutting of patterns. It is used as a support for the assembly and packaging of the finished product.

It is mainly used in modelling and preparation departments to cut leather, to sew, assemble and finish the various product components.

The work table can be customised with some accessories that make it a valuable piece of furniture for the factory.



White painted steel and wooden shelves


Which adapts to the operator


Suitable for every need, customisable with accessories

The special feature of the work table is the adjustable higher shelf

What makes the workbench special is the adjustable top shelf. In fact, the table has a height-adjustable higher shelf that adapts to the operator and the type of processing. The minimum height is 80 cm, up to a maximum of 110 cm.

The table also has a lower shelf that can be used as a support for equipment or components useful for processing.

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Materials and dimensions of the work table

The structure of the work table is made of white painted tubular steel, which is very strong and durable. The shelves, on the other hand, are made of melamine wood and are easy to clean.

The workbench has a length of 185 cm, a depth of 93 cm and an adjustable height of 80 to 110 cm (see product data).

The maximum load capacity of the table is 300 kg.

The workbench is supplied in assembly kit, in a carboard box on a pallet, to facilitate worldwide logistics.

Work table accessories

The work table can be supplied with some accessories such as: 

  • Lamp holder, a white painted steel structure that attaches to the wooden top and supports the lamp
  • LED lamp, which illuminates the entire worktop, highlighting defects in materials such as leather
  • Double or single, side drawer for storing small tools useful for processing

Discover all the accessories dedicated to the workbench.

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If I have specific requests, is it possible to customise the work table?

We are manufacturers and can customise the work bench in size or insert new features on request.

Some already realised examples of customised work tables are:

  • work table with inclined top and rear tube for storing a roll of material, made for the modelling department
  • work table with wheels for easier positioning in the department.

Check out the custom-made factory fittings products category for more details and information on the models already built.

Product Data

Work table

CodeL x W x H
TL_K_01cm 185 x 93 x 80-110

Max. load: 300 kg


  • TL_CD052_01

    Double drawer H=52mm

  • TL_CS112_01


    Single drawer H=112mm

  • TL_PL_01


    Lamp holder

  • TL_BEG_70049

    LED table lamp

With the aim of continuous improvement, CBC SRL reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, the technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics of the products.