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In the fashion industry, the seamstress is the mother figure of the production cycle for sewing the parts to be joined, by machine or by hand, according to the indications of the pattern and the cut pieces. She is an expert in the types of leather and fabrics of various kinds, she is specialized in the sewing technique through the use of the most suitable tools and technologies, in collaboration with the pattern maker, such as in leather goods.

Our new cabinet for sewing materials was created for the seamstress. It is pre-fitted to facilitate the storage of all tools. During her sewing activities, application of accessories and finishing, the seamstress therefore has named compartments available to store every object, from needles to scissors, from thread spools to bobbins up to cones of thread.

The benefits for the seamstress of using a sewing unit are:

  • Store tools
  • Keep the sewing department tidy
  • Manage each workstation individually

Where to place the cabinet?

The sewing cabinet is ideal to place it under each sewing machine to make each workstation independent.

The dimensions make it unique and perfect for the seamstress. All thread tools can be stored, such as thread spools, bobbins and thread cones.

belt factory - Bagno a Ripoli (FI) - Italy
belt factory - Bagno a Ripoli (FI) - Italy

Materials and dimensions

The cabinet is in galvanized steel, sturdy and durable.

It is equipped with 5 drawers of different heights depending on the accessories to which it is dedicated.

The size is: L 37 cm, W 48 cm, H 56 cm (see technical data sheets)

The extraction capacity of each drawer is 90% and the load capacity is 30 kg.


The sewing unit is supplied with accessories and a standard set-up.

It is possible to request a customized set-up according to every need.


Product Data Sheet

CodeL x W x H
CA_5C_AC_01cm 37 x 48 x 56

Drawers set-up


The standard set-up is as follows. Starting from the top : 

  • Drawers 1: plastic tray 1
  • Drawers 2: spools holder 2, bobbins holder 1
  • Drawers 3: vertical dividers 2, horizontal dividers 3
  • Drawers 4: cones holder 8
  • Drawers 5: cones holder 5, basket 1
  • Wheels kit