Discover all the ABC equipment dedicated to the leather goods sector for bag production,
to manage the cut, components and semi-finished products while optimising production times.

From the leather horse cart and bag trolley to the cabinet for cutting dies to the roll trolley and work table. 
Here are the recommended products for your leather goods factory for bag production.

our classic ergonomic trolley that helps you handling leather throughout the factory. Performing both at the hydraulic press macchine and at the CAD cutting center. The goal is to easily maneuver your leathers together with the cut pieces.

always our solution of excellence for management the dies near the hydraulic machine. Install it at the place of the current work surface. The goal is to improve cutting times.

two, three or four shelves. Wide choice for your leather goods trolley. The goal is to improve the management of semi-finished products and finished product.

excellent system for archive the less-used series of dies and essential for management of large dies in production department. Install it at the warehouse or near the hydraulic machine. The goal is to optimize spaces.

a simple but essential trolley during the quality control and packaging of your bags. The goal is convenience in managing the finished product.

if you are looking for a sturdy table with adjustable height, this is the one for you. The goal is to improve the workplace.

although usually chosen by those who produce the belt, it is also a valid trolley for the shoulder straps of the bag. The goal is convenience in handling the cut leather straps.

something unique dedicated to the seamstress. The goal is to store sewing tools under the sewing machine.

our high-performance trolley designed to allow easy and safe handling and allow you to store your leather, infustitura or similar rolls without crushing or damage at cutting / preparation area. Objective easily maneuver when fully loaded, allowing easy access.