Vertical Cabinets
for Cutting-dies

The large die is a difficult tool to manage in the storage phase. The solution of storing them in boxes as well as being very bulky and difficult to handle puts at risk the integrity of the dies which they can be on a collision course each other.

This is exactly why the vertical cabinets were created: to facilitate their management. In addiction you can archive the less-used series of dies, even in a warehouse far from the hydraulic machine.



  • Easily store many dies in a small space. For example, in leather goods where there are large and small dies: the small ones can be put inside the large ones, multiplying the space
  • Preserve the dies
  • Maximize space, keeping the departments clean and tidy, both production and storage

The best choice for a professional archive. The advantage is the capacity.

The main feature of this product is the capacity. In fact, it is a compact unit measuring 115 x 77 cm and 195 cm high. Equipped with 10 or 20 drawers, it is ideal for keeping dies of various sizes in many leather processing industries and more.

The concept of being vertical was born to satisfy an unfulfilled need, that is to keep the bulky dies in order with rationality. In some companies, those with a lot of space sometimes hang the dies on the wall. We simply put the “wall” in the vertical unit. In this way you have a freer and more orderly workspace. Each die is placed in the named drawer, immediately available, as in a wardrobe.

Total storage capacity of a vertical unit is from 12 m² up to 48 m² depending on the model. Discover all the models

saddlery - Lendinara (RO) - Italy
leather factory - Bagno a Ripoli (FI) - Italy // shoe factory - Ajman - UAE

The uses of the vertical cabinets

In leather goods, the vertical system is excellent, for example, for storing the long dies of shoulder straps in handbags or suitcases and also those of belts in belt factories.

The vertical unit can also be used to store large dies such as those from the automotive, saddlery, nautical or leather garments sectors.

Materials and dimensions

All cabinets are in galvanized steel, sturdy and durable. The size is lower than an europallet: 115×77 cm. Inside, each drawer is made up of a punched sheet panel designed to “hang” the die by using the specific hooks supplied.

There are 3 models available (see technical data sheets) and they are for dies:

  • Up to 19mm with 20 double-sided drawers
  • Up to 32mm with 10 double-sided drawers
  • Up to 80mm with 10 single sided drawers

Each drawer has a capacity of 50 kg and an extraction capacity of 100%.

shoe factory - Lima - Peru
shoe production - Boston MA - USA

Where to store the dies?

We suggest, with the vertical system, to store the dies in the storage room department. It is advisable to apply a label on each drawer to highlight the set of dies archived if they are no longer of immediate use but which actually continue to be part of the production for any future reordering.

While those who prefer to use the vertical unit to bulky dies in production, can place it near the Traveling Heads Cutting Machine.

Hooks available for the chest of drawers

Over the years, we have developed with our customers hooks for all types of dies, of all sizes (see accessories).

You can hang the dies from the frame, from the reinforcement or from the support.

In leather goods, for example, where there are large and small dies: the small ones can be put inside the large ones, multiplying the space.

We recommend hanging each die with two hooks to ensure stability when archiving the die.


And to handle special dies?

Our hooks are designed for all types of dies.

If you have thin dies or with plexiglass supports there are special hooks. In case of small dies or full dies you can insert a tray. While if you have long dies such as belt we have the support to hold them firmly to the panel.

Discover all the available accessories.

Product Technical Book

External dimensions vertical cabinet

CodeDiesL x W x HCapacity
CV_G32_10C_02up to mm 32cm 115 x 77 x 195m² 24
CV_G80_10C_02up to mm 80cm 115 x 77 x 195m² 12
CV_G19_20C_02up to mm 19cm 115 x 77 x 195m² 48

Drawer’s max. load: 50 kg

Internal drawer dimensions

CodeL x W x H
CV_G32_10C_02cm 71 x 4,8 x 160
CV_G80_10C_02cm 71 x 8,7 x 160
CV_G19_20C_02cm 71 x 2,4 x 160


With the aim of continuous improvement, CBC SRL reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, the technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics of the products.