Vertical Cabinet
for Cutting-dies

The vertical cabinet for cutting-dies is ideal for inserting dies of all types and sizes and storing lesser-used series in production and storage departments.

Typically, cutting-dies used in leather processing companies are mishandled in the stock phase, being placed in large, bulky boxes that make it difficult to keep the dies tidy and, in addition, the blades can be damaged by colliding with each other.

The vertical cabinet, with its structure like closet, is ideal for vertically archiving dies of all sizes, optimising departmental space.



Inside the drawers


Contains many dies in a small space


Keeping production and storage department tidy

The best choice for a professional archive

The main feature of the vertical cabinet for dies is its capacity.

It is in fact a compact unit measuring 117 x 77 cm, with height of 195 cm. The cabinet is equipped with 10 or 20 drawers depending on the type of dies used.

Cutting-dies of all sizes, used in many companies of the leather world and not only, can be inserted.

The vertical concept was born to satisfy an unfulfilled need, that is to keep bulky dies tidy in the factory.
In some companies, especially those where there is a lot of space, the dies are hung directly on the wall. We simply put the ‘wall’ inside the vertical cabinet, thus having a freer and tidier working space.

Each die is placed in the drawer with the support hooks and is immediately available, as in a closet.

The total storage capacity of a vertical die-cutter ranges from 12 m2 up to 48 m2 depending on the model (see all the models).

saddlery - Lendinara (RO) - Italy
leather factory - Bagno a Ripoli (FI) - Italy // shoe factory - Ajman - UAE

The uses of vertical cabinet

The chest of drawers is used in all those companies that process leather and more, such as leather goods, bag or luggage factories, for which the vertical system is excellent for storing long dies. Belt factories find our filing system ideal for storing straight and curved belt dies.

The vertical drawer unit can also be used to store large cutting-dies used in the automotive, saddlery, nautical or leather clothing.

Materials and dimensions of the vertical cabinet for cutting-dies

All vertical drawer units are made of galvanised steel, robust and durable.
The size is close to that of a euro-pallet: 117×77 cm. 
Inside each drawer is a perforated sheet metal panel designed to “hang” the die using specific hooks.

There are 3 models available (see product data) and they are for cutting-dies:

  • Up to 19mm with 20 double-sided drawers
  • Up to 32mm with 10 double-sided drawers
  • Up to 80 mm with 10 single-sided drawers

In the models for dies up to 32mm and 19mm, the drawers are ‘double-sided’ so that the cutting-dies can be hung on both sides of the panel, doubling the storage of each drawer; whereas in the model up to 80mm, the drawers are ‘single-sided’, i.e. the cutting-dies can only be hung on one side of the panel.

Each drawer is equipped with ball-bearing slides and has a load capacity of 50 kg and an extraction capacity of 100%.

shoe factory - Lima - Peru
shoe production - Boston MA - USA

Where to place the cabinet for cutting-dies?

In the case of archiving cutting-dies, we suggest placing the vertical cabinet in the storage area
We also recommend placing a label on each drawer so that you can immediately find the inserted dies, including those that are not used much but could still be part of the production in the future.

On the other hand, in the case of bulky dies used in production, the vertical cabinet can also be positioned next to the travelling head press in the cutting department.

Hook available for the vertical cabinet

Over the years, we have developed hooks for all types of dies (see accessories).

Each die can be hung from the structure, reinforcement, or support. 
For each die we recommend inserting 2 hooks for greater stability and to prevent it from swinging when opening the drawer.

In leather goods, for example, where both large and small dies are used, the last one can be inserted inside the large ones, further multiplying the space.


And to handle particular cutting-dies?

Our hooks are designed for all types of dies.

Some examples of particular cutting-dies, which can be managed within the vertical cabinet, are: 

  • Thin dies or with transparent plexiglass support, managed with a dedicated type of hooks.
  • Small or full-size dies, managed in a small tray screwed to the panel
  • Long dies, such as those for belts or handbag straps, managed by the support to be inserted at the bottom to hold them to the panel without them swinging.

Discover all the accessories available for the vertical cabinet.

Product Data

Vertical cabinet for cutting-dies

External dimensions vertical cabinet

CodeDiesL x W x HCapacity
CV_G32_10C_02up to mm 32cm 117 x 77 x 195m² 24
CV_G80_10C_02up to mm 80cm 117 x 77 x 195m² 12
CV_G19_20C_02up to mm 19cm 117 x 77 x 195m² 48

Drawer’s max. load: 50 kg

Internal drawer dimensions

CodeL - X - H
CV_G32_10C_02cm 71 x 5 x 165
CV_G80_10C_02cm 71 x 8 x 165
CV_G19_20C_02cm 71 x 2,2 x 165


  • CV_G80_01

    Hook for dies up to 80 mm

  • CV_G32_01

    Hook for dies up to 32 mm

  • CV_G19_01

    Hook for dies up to 19 mm

  • CV_GSF_01

    Hook for dies with transparent support

  • CV_PU_01

    Die tray for small or full-size dies

  • CV_SFL_G32_01

    Support for long cutting-dies

With the aim of continuous improvement, CBC SRL reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, the technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics of the products.