Horizontal Cabinets
for Cutting-dies and Components

The cutting-dies has always been an essential tool in leather processing and more. Whether if it is used for cutting, for the net or for the exact trimming, the dies is essential, such as in leather goods.

The horizontal cabinets have been specially designed for the management of frequently used dies. If positioned close to the hydraulic machine, they actually replace the existing work surface making the dies immediately available to the cutter man.



  • Improving the productivity
  • Preserve the dies
  • Expand the spaces in your manufactury facility

Our peculiarity is the drawer

We have meticulously studied the drawer to make the choice practical and simple for companies in the sector. Its structure is specific for the cutting-dies used in the factory (leather goods, belts, footwear or label production plant).

Today the horizontal dies unit is available in two main ranges, maintaining an excellent storage capacity:

The unit “range 32” was created to handle 32mm thick knives. The drawer is perfectly designed to accommodate and preserve the cutting edge of the cutting-dies, eliminating the damaging possibility of putting them one on top of the other. In a leather goods factory, for example, you maximize both: the cutting times for the operator at the clicking press machine and, the space of the production area by choosing the most popular model having a storage capacity of 10 m2 (ref. CO_12N32_02).

The unit “range 40” is dedicated to several sectors and allows you to manage dies, components or patterns that have a thickness greater than h 32mm. The useful height of the drawer is 40mm.

Choose your ideal dies storage unit. Discover all the models.

storage room - Kolkata - India

Where to store the dies?

We suggest, with the horizontal system, to generally store the dies as close as possible to where the cut is made in order to improve picking times.

In some companies there is the tendency to centralize the storage of the dies. This is mostly massive productions in which only the dies that, the operator will have to use during a shift, are made available to him.

Materials and dimensions

All drawers are in galvanized steel, sturdy and durable. The upper shelf is made of betulla wood, resistant for all types of processing.

All horizontal drawer units have a depth of 62 cm.
The height is 100 or 140 cm, depending on the number of drawers.

We have developed five different lengths: 39, 64, 90, 115 and 148 cm (see product data sheets). The dimensions also take the different types of dies used in the various sectors into consideration, such as those of a belt factory.

These measures allow you to choose the cabinets according on the production process, using the suitable size for them to take full advantage of the work environment.

leather goods - Faridabad - India
watch strap production - Pelousey - France

And to manage components such as spools of thread, can I use horizontal cabinets?

Over the years, we have always been asked to arrange different drawer heights to organize tools and various components in the drawers units.

Following these needs, we have developed in addition to the model with 32 mm drawers, also a cabinet model with 40 mm drawers.

In the product data sheets it is possible to define the combination of the drawers and, if necessary, also to select a whole series of accessories designed to satisfy different needs. Examples are: spool holders, stamp holders, dividers, accessory trays.

Product data sheets

Cabinet 20 drawers of 32mm

CodeL x W x HCapacity
CO_04N32_02cm 39 x 62 x 100m² 2,5
CO_07N32_02cm 64 x 62 x 100m² 4,5
CO_09N32_02cm 90 x 62 x 100m² 7,5
CO_12N32_02cm 115 x 62 x 100m² 10
CO_15N32_02cm 148 x 62 x 100m² 13,1

Drawer’s max. load: 20 kg

Cabinet 30 drawers of 32mm

CodeL x W x HCapacity
CO_04H32_02cm 39 x 62 x 140m² 3,7
CO_07H32_02cm 64 x 62 x 140m² 7,5
CO_09H32_02cm 90 x 62 x 140m² 11,2
CO_12H32_02cm 115 x 62 x 140m² 15
CO_15H32_02cm 148 x 62 x 140m² 19,6

Drawer’s max. load: 20 kg

Cabinet 16 drawers of 40mm

CodeL x W x HCapacity
CO_04N40_02cm 39 x 62 x 100m² 2
CO_07N40_02cm 64 x 62 x 100m² 3,6
CO_09N40_02cm 90 x 62 x 100m² 6
CO_12N40_02cm 115 x 62 x 100m² 8
CO_15N40_02cm 148 x 62 x 100m² 10,48

Drawer’s max. load: 30 kg

Cabinet 24 drawers of 40mm

CodeL x W x HCapacity
CO_04H40_02cm 39 x 62 x 140m² 2,96
CO_07H40_02cm 64 x 62 x 140m² 6
CO_09H40_02cm 90 x 62 x 140m² 8,96
CO_12H40_02cm 115 x 62 x 140m² 12
CO_15H40_02cm 148 x 62 x 140m² 15,68

Drawer’s max. load: 30 kg

Drawers Combination


In the horizontal drawer units it is possible to replace a 32 or 40 mm drawer with drawers of greater heights (shown in the table) to keep components or taller objects.

mm 32mm 40
Each 2 drawersmm 70mm 90
Each 3 drawersmm 110mm 140
Each 4 drawersmm 150mm 190


Other accessories are:

  • Stop & Go system: system that allows you to open a single drawer at a time, to avoid any kind of overturning

With the aim of continuous improvement, CBC SRL reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, the technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics of the products.