Horizontal Cabinet
for Cutting-dies and Components

The horizontal cabinet is specially designed to handle frequently used cutting dies. When inserted into the cutting department, the cabinet replaces the existing work surface. The cutter has a sturdy wooden work surface and drawers containing the die sets used in production.

The cutting die is essential in leather processing, whether it is used for cutting, for the net or for the exact trimming as in leather goods or footwear.



Immediately find the cutting dies useful for production


Inside the drawers


With forklift or pallet truck

Our special feature? The drawer dedicated to the cutting dies

The horizontal cabinet drawer is specially designed for the cutting die used in the leather goods, shoe or belt factories.

It has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail and is equipped with full-extension ball bearing rail guides that guarantee smooth running even when fully loaded.

The available range of horizontal cabinet has drawers with a height of 35 mm, which allows all types of dies to be stored without superpose.

Different widths are available, designed for every type of die, even the largest ones, used for example in the belt or saddlery factory.
The most used model, to be inserted next to the press machine, has a width of 114 cm and a capacity of 10 m2 (ref. article code CO18_12_01).

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horizontal-cabinet-for-cutting-dies-for-leather goods-and-footwear
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Where to place the horizontal cabinet?

The ideal position for the horizontal cabinet is in the cutting department, next to the press machine to reduce the time required to pick up the dies.

In the case of larger companies, the dies are placed in the storage department. An operator will only make available to the cutters the dies that will be used during the work shift.

Materials and dimensions of the horizontal cabinet

All cabinet are made of galvanised steel, sturdy and durable. The top shelf is made of wood, which is durable for all types of work.

The depth of all models is 57 cm.

The height is 100 or 140 cm, depending on the number of drawers.

We have developed five different lengths: 36, 62, 88, 114 and 145 cm (see product data) depending on the type of die used in the factory.

Each drawer has a maximum capacity of 30 kg and ball guides with total extraction.

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Can the horizontal drawer unit be customised?

You can define the combination of drawers by inserting drawers of different heights to organise different equipment and components.

We are a manufacturer and if you have specific requirements, it is possible to request a custom-made horizontal cabinet. 

For example, for a leather goods manufacturer, we have made a custom-made horizontal cabinet for bulky cutting dies up to 180 cm long.

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Product Data

Horizontal cabinet with 18 drawers of 35 mm

CodeL x W x HCapacity
CO18_04_01cm 36 x 57 x 100m² 2,5
CO18_07_01cm 62 x 57 x 100m² 5
CO18_09_01cm 88 x 57 x 100m² 7,5
CO18_12_01cm 114 x 57 x 100m² 10
CO18_15_01cm 145 x 57 x 100m² 13

Drawer’s max. load: 30 kg

Horizontal cabinet with 27 drawers of 35 mm

CodeL x W x HCapacity
CO27_04_01cm 36 x 57 x 140m² 3,7
CO27_07_01cm 62 x 57 x 140m² 7,5
CO27_09_01cm 88 x 57 x 140m² 11,2
CO27_12_01cm 114 x 57 x 140m² 15
CO27_15_01cm 145 x 57 x 140m² 19,5

Drawer’s max. load: 30 kg

Drawers Combination

In the horizontal cabinet, it is possible to replace a 35 mm drawer with higher drawers of a greater height to hold accessories or higher objects.


  • CO_SG_03

    Stop&Go system to open one drawer at a time

  • CO_CH_03

    Key locking system

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