The work table is essential in leather goods and is used in many stages of the production process of leather companies, particularly in the modelling, production and preparation departments to cut and shape the leather, to sew, assemble and finish the various product components.

The inclined version of the workbench is mainly used in modelling for cut by hand.
Thanks to its configuration, the operator can better see if the leather has any defects. The table can be completed with accessories, including the lamp holder and roll holder tube.

In addition, the operator maintains the correct posture, preventing occupational diseases and reducing physical efforts.


Where does the demand for the inclined work table come from?

The request for an inclined work table came from a well-known leather goods brand in Tuscany, Italy. Their requirement was to have a work table with an inclined top, illuminated by a lamp and with a rear roll holder tube to better manage the individual workstation.

The technical department developed the ideal solution for the customer by modifying the standard model to best suit his needs.

The upper table top is inclined and 200x100cm larger than the standard model. 
A tube has been added at the rear to insert a roll of material so that the operator unrolls it directly onto the table top.


What are the advantages of the inclined work table for modelling?

The inclined modelling table brings many advantages to the cutter:

  • Facilitates cutting by hand, reducing effort and preventing occupational diseases
  • You can insert a roll of any material and have it immediately available

Illuminated top thanks to lamp holder and LED lamp

Materials and dimensions

The inclined modelling table has a galvanised steel frame and melamine wood tops.

The dimensions of the table are: 200 x 100 x 80-110 cm

The height, although inclined, is adjustable to suit the operator and reduce physical exertion.

Like the standard model, the table can be supplied in kit form to optimise transport costs and be shipped worldwide.


What accessories can be supplied with the inclined modelling table?

The inclined work table can be completed with some accessories as in this example, according to customer requirements.

All insertable accessories are:

  • Lamp holder: white painted sheet metal structure attached to the worktop
  • LED lamp: LED strip that can be inserted under the lamp holder to illuminate the worktop.
  • Roll holder tube: made of white painted sheet metal inserted in the back of the work table. It is suitable for all rolls up to 200 cm.
  • Tools drawer: made of galvanised steel, to be placed under the worktop and to contain all useful accessories for the individual workstation.

Customise the table according to your needs and type of work.

Who is the inclined work table for modelling for?

The inclined workbench is ideal for the modelling department and for all workshops where cut by hand is carried out, such as leather goods, small leather goods and belt factories.

The inclined plane is perfect for better analysing leathers. 
The possibility of completing the table with a lamp holder makes it even more practical and facilitates leather inspection.
The back tube option is ideal for any material and makes cutting operations even easier by reducing the operator’s efforts.

Discover also the standard model of the work table, with worktop dimensions 185×93 cm and adjustable height.

If you too have these needs, put the inclined work table for modelling in your workshop.