The horizontal cabinet is designed to store and keep in order the cutting-dies and other components used in production. On request, it can be realised by inserting custom-made drawers with double, triple, or quadruple height.

Depending on the different requirements and the type of objects that can be stored, the chest of drawers is custom-built by customising the height and combination of the drawers.


Where does the demand for the horizontal cabinet with custom-made drawers come from?

The demand for this custom-made product came from various customers, the latest among them a saddlery based in Kanpur, India.

The customer’s need was to customise the drawer combination of the horizontal cabinet with dimensions 115x62xH140 cm, which is supplied with 27 drawers of 35 mm (ref. CO27_12_01). In this case, however, the customer requested two different versions:

  • 13 drawers of 80 mm with double height
  • 20 drawers of 50 mm with custom-made height

Another example is that of a shoe manufacturing company in Fiesso d’Artico, Veneto (Italy). Also in this case, the size of the cabinet (ref. CO27_12_01) remained unchanged but more combinations of double or triple drawers were required to be able to store dye bottles, spools, accessories, and small parts.


What are the advantages?

The advantages of the horizontal cabinet with custom-made drawers are:

  • Store cutting dies or higher objects inside drawers
  • Customise the combination of drawers as required
  • Find and keep in order all useful production components

Materials and dimensions

The horizontal cabinet with custom-made drawers has the same dimensions as the standard models with 18 drawers (height 100 cm) or 27 drawers (height 140 cm).

The available widths are 36, 62, 88, 114 and 145 cm.

Different combinations of drawers can be inserted, e.g. double drawers of 80 mm, triple drawers of 135 mm or quadruple drawers of 170 mm.

Example drawer combination

Like the standard models, the chest of drawers is shipped already assembled on pallets.

Who is the horizontal cabinet with custom-made drawers designed for?

The cabinet with custom-made drawers is ideal for all those factories that wish to store not only cutting dies but also other higher components such as dye bottles, spools, small parts and components in general. Some examples are leather goods, small leather goods, saddlery, shoe or belt factories.

You can customise the cabinet with the combination of drawers you prefer, even inserting just one drawer or two higher ones to make it unique and suitable for every need.

Discover all the features of the standard model of the horizontal cabinet for cutting dies.

If you, too, have the need to store not only dies but higher components, choose the custom-made horizontal cabinet with drawers and customise it for you.